Excuse Me

By: D&D Addrisi

 Excuse Me, But Would You Repeat That Phrase
I Could Have Sworn I Heard You Say
You Donít Care Anymore

  Excuse Me, But I Canít Believe My Ears
You Mean, After All These Years
You Just Donít Care Anymore

  You Canít Mean It
Look At Me And Say Youíre Really Through
Oh Now I See
When You Look At Me That Way
Then Suddenly I Know Itís True

  Excuse Me, I Canít Seem To Find The Door
And My Feet Donít Feel The Floor
For My Legs Are Numb And Weak
And My Throatís Too Dry To Speak
Though My Heart Wants So To Scream
Oh This Nightmareís Not A Dream
You Donít Care Anymore
You Just Donít Care Anymore
You Donít Care Anymore