Gipsy Girl

By: Cees Veerman

 Her Face Got So Red When I Took Her Hand
And I Know She Didnít Understand
When I Asked Her For A Dance

  We Danced ĎNeath The Shining Of The Soft Moonlight
While The Gipsy Played I Held Her Tight
Until We Couldnít Stand No More

  Gypsy Girl Please Donít Go Away
When The Caravanís Leaving, Iím Asking You To Stay
You With Your Eyes Black As Coal
They Can Look In My Soul
I Hope And Pray There Never Comes A Day Youíll Be Gone

  We Drank Some Bottles Of That Sweet Sherry Wine
And I Felt Like She Blew My Mind
When She Was Dancing By The Fire

  Then One Day I Went Back To The Place
Where I First Saw Her Pretty Little Face
Nothing Was Left Behind
Only A Bottle Of Wine
Just To Remind Me For Ever And Ever Again
Of That Sweet Gipsy Girl
Gipsy Girl
Ah Ah Gipsy Girl
Ah Ah