Trying To Explain

By: Piet Veerman

There`ll be a time that
You`ll find me gone
There`ll be a time and you know
Though I can say there is
No one but you
There`ll be a time I`ll have to go
Oh oh I`ll have to go

I wish that you would try
To find a way to change
You way of living cause I know
I didn`t find it yet but I did try to change
You`ve got to take me as I am
Oh oh for what I am

How can I try to explain
That I really wanna stay
Never tell me I`m to blame
Cause I know we are not the same

Can`t you understand
That I always try to keep us together
No I don`t want our world to break down
And I don`t pretend
When I`m saying we could grow better
Let`s us start again, it`s wortwhile trying