By: Arnold Mühren / Piet Veerman

 Jumbo You’re One
Jumbo To Rely On
Through All The Clouds Of Stormy Weather
Jumbo You’re Amazing
Jumbo When You’re Flying
Between Your Wings I Wanna Travel

  Hardly Hearing Any Sound
When You’re Flying All Around So Easy
Sunrise Travelling On The Right
Left Hand Windows Showing The Night, Now Fancy
Ohohohoh, Can You Imagine, Ohohohoh

  KLM Jumbo Jet Plain Fly Me Now Back Home
Back To My Home Town Where She Is Waiting
KLM Jumbo Jet Plain Now She’s All Alone
Waiting Till The Airport Girl Is Saying

  KLM Flight Number KL 648
Just Arrived From New York USA

  Flying Over Crowded Land
Varied By The Dessert Sand So Easy
It’ll Make You Feel Allright
When You See This Magic Sight, Now Fancy
Ohohohoh, Can You Imagine, Ohohohoh